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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Halloween Is Fast Approaching!

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Halloween is definitely fast approaching! It is less than 3 weeks from now. It is not only the occasion that we will be celebrating that day, it is also my husband and my mother's birthday! But my mom is in the Philippines and right now there is a 12-hour difference between here and there. So technically, it'll be on the 30th here that my mom's actual birthday there!

Anyway, after we celebrate my husband's birthday at home, later that day, my little girl, middle son and I will be going to the mall to Trick and Treat with friends. My oldest son decided he won't be going this year!

I crocheted my little girl a Belle-inspired dress from Beauty and the Beast as her costume for this year! And my middle son I bought an Ash Ketchum from Pokemon! He can hardly wait to wear it. He's already asked me multiple times if he can wear it to school which I said no, not before Halloween. But after that he can wear here at home!

Anyhow, days are running fast, so Halloween will be here before we'll know it! My middle son will be having a field trip at a Corn Maze on the 20th, so there are so much excitements going on! I can hardly wait!

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